The Story of Buddy Christ

If you have ever checked out our Facebook or seen the Ball Bearings, you have seen us posing with a life-size cutout of Jesus. The cutout of Jesus is winking at you and smiling. Have you ever wondered how the Buddy Jesus came to be at Grace Village?
Buddy Jesus was an idea that started as we trying to think of ways to interact with students at the Fall Activity Fair. Fliers and free candy at the Activity Fair bombard students. We wanted to stand out. I raised my hand (for no reason) and told everyone my idea.


We decided to invest in a life-sized cutout of Buddy Jesus (a character from the movie Dogma). This cutout was going to be used at the Activity Fair as an attention-getter. We encourage people to take their picture with Buddy Christ and we then posted them to Facebook. It was a great way for incoming freshmen to show their parents they were spending their first weekend at college with Jesus.


Buddy Christ is now a staple at Grace Village. Robert uses him in different sermons and he has shown up to different event across campus.


Be sure to stop by Grace Village to get your picture taken with Buddy Christ!

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