Embracing Post Modernism

Post Modernism: a philosophy that says absolute truth does not exist.  While this may make many people in the church uncomfortable, it is a notion that the Church is more and more beginning to embrace to a point.  While we still hold there to be such absolute truths as the existence of God, other ideas are up for interpretation.  For example, we do not embrace the Bible as being inerrant; it is meant to be put into the context of the time and interpreted as such.  Here at Grace Village especially, we work to embrace this idea because it promotes a more open, discussion-based environment.

The notion of an “absolute truth” in religion is quite comforting to many people.  They like believing that certain ideas and practices have always been one way and will continue to be the same.   Especially for people of the current college-age generation, “absolute truth” does not sit well.  While we do not wish to completely revamp Christianity at its core, some practices (begun solely by followers) are being questioned.  Just because that is the way it has always been done in the Church, doesn’t mean that it always has to be done that way.  The practices of the Church begun by its followers must evolve with the times.  This is where the Post Modern view comes in quite handy; people do not have to necessarily conform unquestioningly to a religion.  Post Modernism invites questions and debate, focusing on belief as opposed to truth/fact.

What is your take on tradition vs. post modernism?  Should one outweigh the other in church or should there be a balance of both.  Come check us out at Grace Village where we are embracing post modernism and see what you think!

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